Client Bill of Rights

We at Barr, Murman & Tonelli believe that our clients are entitled to zealous representation and effective counsel and that our clients have the following rights:

  1. The right to the lawyer’s best efforts on the client’s behalf.
  2. The right to be treated with respect and courtesy by all Barr, Murman & Tonelli personnel.
  3. The right to have objectives defined before representation begins.
  4. The right to have an assessment of what can realistically be achieved and a specific time frame to be expected.
  5. The right to be part of the trial team, including the right to ask questions and make suggestions regarding strategy.
  6. The right to know and consider alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration.
  7. The right to know the attorney who will be handling the client’s matter and the right to select the attorney.
  8. The right to be advised of the status of the client’s work and to obtain copies of all pertinent documents.
  9. The right to an estimate of legal fees and costs during any stage of the representation.
  10. The right to a detailed accounting of time spent by the attorneys and the costs expended on the client’s behalf.
  11. The right to a detailed accounting of money held in trust by the firm.
  12. The right to have telephone calls returned and letters responded to promptly.